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A dry gundog is a happy gundog...

siccaro_mainWe all love to be warm and dry in bad weather – indeed, our enjoyment of a day in the field can be affected when we are not. But what about the comfort of our canine companions who work so tremendously hard to please us?

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Partridges in Mallorca

mallorca_frontMike Barnes extends his shooting season with a trip to Mallorca where it all ends on April 16.

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A history of the highland garron

garron_frontFor several centuries prior to the introduction of mechanised transport, Highland ponies played a crucial role on many Scottish sporting estates, says David S. D. Jones.

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The rise of the AGA dog

Rise of the aga dog

Ben Randall considers the increasing demand for gundogs which double as family pets.

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Planning your gundog training

training2Well-laid plans yield greater results, says Ben Randall, who explains the merits of a more considered approach to gundog training.

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Latest features

Close calls – part 2

ccfrontMany regard the black mamba as Africa’s most deadly predator. And understandably so – without anti-venom treatment within a few hours, the mortality rate in humans is 100 per cent. So when professional hunter Paul Stones was bitten whilst on safari, he knew what he was up against.

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Sea trout fishing with Steffan Jones

steffan_frontA good fly fishing guide can be the difference between blank and brilliant, says Marcus Janssen, particularly when you can’t see a thing.

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