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In a digital world, print advertising has never been so important. Nestled within a magazine of unsurpassed quality and originality, advertising with us will appeal directly to our readership for whom shooting and fishing is an integral part of life, and who possess the means to indulge their passion.

Accompanying a beautifully designed editorial package, advertising with Fieldsports is the perfect place to be seen.

Rate card & Advert specs

Double Page Spread


Double Page Spread

£3,500 + VAT



Full Page Display


 Full Page

£1,850 + VAT



Half Page Adverts  

Half Page Vertical & Horizontal

£950 + VAT


Quarter Page 



Quarter Page

£525 + VAT



Classified Adverts 


Classified Adverts

£30 + VAT per CM


Shooting Ground Listings 


Shooting Ground Listings

£150 + VAT




Special features

Ladies Christmas  

We will occasionally run some more specific paid for advertising features such as the Ladies Shooting Day page that we ran in our June/July 2016 issue, and in our Christmas Gift Guide for our Dec/Jan 2016 issue. Please contact Charlie Coups for upcoming features pages.

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For more information on specific advertising rates please fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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