Fieldsports October/November 2017

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Fieldsports Magazine October/November 2017

As the days begin to shorten, the warm breezes of summer adopt a certain crispness, and the trees and hedgerows turn a thousand shades of autumn, it's an exciting time for the fieldsports enthusiast.

The game shooting season is in full swing now. Old friends reunite, the dogs are all tails and tongues, the smell of gun oil and gunpowder once again becomes the order of the day. Drawing pegs, banter in the beaters' cart – a laugh a minute whatever the weather. It's a hobby for some, a lifestyle for many. And this, the October/November issue of Fieldsports is a celebration of just that, and so much more... 162 pages of pure, unalderated fieldsports bliss – game shooting, fly fishing, stalking, hunting, gundogs, food and drink, art and country sports characters.


Issue highlights...

Testimonial game – Thanks to the loyalty of two professional rugby players, Marcus Janssen got to enjoy a superb day's sport at the MCC Shoot in Norfolk

Game meat: striving for sustainability – Amidst growing concerns surrounding traditional game meat markets, there's ample reason to remain positive, says GWCT chairman Ian Coghill

The key to consistency – The importance of sound gun mount cannot be emphasised enough, says Simon Ward

Outstanding Guns – Giving recognition to individuals in the world of game shooting, for all the right reasons

Autumn's allure – As the winds begin to cool and the countryside starts to change in colour, it's time for a few weeks of important fun with horses and hounds, says Camilla Swift

The hardest hunt of them all – Lady Katie Percy goes in pursuit of elusive Marco Polo in the unforgiving Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan

As the crow flies – Jeremy Hobson enjoys a day's crow-hawking on horseback with the Dartmoor Falcons

Woodcock – worth a shot? – George Padley considers whether we should be shooting woodcock as a matter of course

The remarkable story of the River Tyne – The recovery of the River Tyne since the 1960s is a ray of sunshine on a very dark day for the Atlantic salmon, says Lord James Percy

A peg dog to be proud of – Ben Randall advises on how to best shape a companion that will enhance rather than hamper a day's shooting

Take a wok on the wild side – It's time to dig that gap year wok out from the back of the cupboard and get more creative with game and British produce, says Sarah Monier-Williams

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