Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - June

Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - June

Home: Chalkstream trout

Mayfly were named before the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, and perhaps Ephemera danica should have been renamed as Junefly. Although global warming is playing havoc with the seasons, the first week in June is still the most consistent time to target the mayfly hatch on the UK’s superlative chalkstreams. The gin-clear waters of the Test, Itchen and Kennet still offer world-class fishing for beautiful, butter-bellied brown trout that all come out to play when the big drakes are on the water.

Away: Atlantic salmon in Russia

The big Atlantic salmon are arriving back in the great rivers of the Kola Peninsula around now. There are several rivers to target, whether you crave numbers or individual trophies. For numbers, look no further than the Varzuga or Ponoi, where you can catch fish all day – and all night. If you want to tackle one of the Kola’s legendary leviathans, look at the mighty Yokanga, the Kharlovka and the beguiling Eastern Litza, or the more intimate Varzina, Drozdovka and Sidorovka.


Kharlovka & Eastern Litza:

Varzina, Drozdovka & Sidorovka:



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Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - June

Russia, particularly the Ponoi, is the stronghold for Atlantic Salmon. If sheer numbers and unspoilt wilderness are your thing, then there is no better destination. What other river can claim an average 35 fish per rod per week across the season? The Ponoi has two main seasons: Spring for superb numbers of fish through to the autumn run where the fish are pound for pound the strongest salmon around. Frontiers were the pioneers of fishing in Russia, we know all the rivers and are proud to operate Ryabaga Camp, always considered the best on the Kola.


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