Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - July

Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - July

Home: Chub on dry flies

(Photograph: Simon Kidd)

Sneaking out at 4.30am on a summer’s morning, I have the banks of my local River Cam all to myself. The big chub are lazily sunning themselves in the early morning sunshine, and they can sometimes be tempted to snaffle a tiny ant pattern, artfully presented with a 3wt rod and gossamer tippet. The fishing is as engrossing as anything I’ve ever done, and it’s a 200-yard walk from my front door.

Away: Norwegian giants

Some years, if I’m feeling flush, I accept my dear old friend Antti’s invitation to fish Norway’s mighty Alta. Most years, I do the right thing, save (most of) my money, and fish the neighbouring Reisa, where I have a slimmer but still realistic chance of a monster at a fraction of the cost. While I’m still waiting for a leviathan from the Reisa’s stunningly beautiful pools, my pals Truls Bergmo, Morten Berglund, Trond Isaakson and Jens Olaf Flekke have all pulled out fish north of 50lb in the last five years.

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Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - July

We have all read the stories and seen the photographs of unimaginably huge Atlantic salmon from days gone by as well as more modern times. These huge fish and the stories that surround them cannot help but tempt any Atlantic salmon fisher to give Norway a try at least once. Just to fish those mighty waters where history has been made with mountains towering over the river. In truth, those that caught those mighty fish were lucky so why should we not be lucky today, the huge salmon still run Norway’s mighty rivers though there are more people trying than in the good old days. To maximise your chances you will need the best advice and with three decades of experience we’ll be glad to help you.


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