Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - August

Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - August

Home: Browns on Lough Corrib

The dog days of August can make for tough trout fishing on Ireland’s legendary Corrib but in the hours either side of nightfall, the giant lough can come alive, with fish rising to the big sedges and the balling buzzer all across the vast moonlit surface of this fly fishing mecca.

Away: Salmon and trout in Iceland

Iceland is a magical place, and whilst her salmon are not the biggest, they offer intriguing sight-fishing in the gin-clear waters that have made this fishery rightly famous. What many don’t know is that Iceland also offers incredible brown trout, sea trout and char fishing that is hugely overlooked. I’ve been lucky enough to fly fish all around this unique island, and it is an absolute paradise for the fly fisherman, with scenery that is wild, beautiful and absolutely unique.

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Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - August

If you want to catch good numbers of salmon without having to travel too far then Iceland is the best option. Iceland is famed for its gin clear water and that is what makes the fishing so exciting and interesting. To watch a salmon rise to a tiny hitched fly in crystal clear water is one of the great experiences in salmon fishing. The Icelandic options are almost endless, big rivers, small rivers, big fish, small fish, single handers or double handers, salmon, trout and char. We have fished most of them and while we have our favourites we are more than happy to advise you on what would suit your needs the best. Go to our dedicated Iceland website


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