Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - November

Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - November

Home: Grayling

While the trout are now well into their breeding season, the grayling fishing is at its peak. If the weather remains warm, as it often does nowadays, small up-winged flies will continue to hatch, and the ‘Lady of the Stream’ can offer addictive dry fly fishing to well-presented emergers like Klinkhamers or Deer Hair Emergers. If it turns cold, dig out some Czech nymphs and a Pink Bug or two, and work them through every likely-looking riffle. Once you find a fish, there will probably be a good number close by, so fish hard and you may just be in for a bumper day.

Away: Tanzanian tigers

Tanzania’s huge and terrifyingly aggressive tigerfish are one of the most exciting fly rod quarries on the planet. The Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers can provide more thrills and spills than almost any other river I can think of, and when the fish take a rare break from demolishing the ill-fated baitfish, a relentless safari featuring lions, elephants, hippos and crocodiles will unfold along the riverbank to keep you and your camera occupied.

Travel the world with Frontiers...

Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - November

Tanzania is a wild country best known for its dreamy African safaris spent on the plains of the Serengeti. As fishermen we are always looking for something different and Tanzania does not fail to provide it. The tigerfish that grow in the Tanzanian rivers are quite simply prehistoric monsters. Have you seen those jaws? For a fly fisherman this has to be one of the ultimate species to target. Where else can you fish for an awesome fish while the lions watch on from the bank? If you want something wildly different and an adventure, the tigerfish of Tanzania might be for you!


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