Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - October

Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - October

Home: Salmon on Tweed

The Tweed is still one of the most productive salmon rivers in the world, and we should do everything we can to keep it as such. This iconic stream divides the Auld Enemies in its lower reaches, and while many fish are caught from the boat, pools like the Three Staines at Carham can offer beautiful, fresh-run fish to the wading angler. Tributaries like the Teviot also offer excellent fishing in more intimate surroundings, and the whole river system is hugely prolific. When the leaves turn golden, and the late autumn sun hangs low over the Eildon Hills, there are few more beguiling places to be.

Away: Peacock bass, dorado and arapaima in the Amazon

Welcome to the jungle! The Amazon jungle offers absolutely astonishing fishing that few British anglers have been adventurous or perhaps brave enough to tackle. The rivers of Brazil and Bolivia play home to a smorgasbord of dementedly aggressive and spectacular predator species like Peacock Bass, Dorado and the vast and now eminently catchable Arapaima.

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Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - October

How often have you flown into a jungle where less than ten years ago, the indigenous people lived as they had always done, off the land and the river. Where the water goes so clear you can see the fish as if they were in an aquarium. Where you pole in dugout canoes looking for opportunities in silence except the noises of the jungle around you. When the fishing action does not, it is quite the opposite of your calm and surreal surrounding. The predators of these jungle rivers is the golden dorado which coral their prey into shallow water and then attack. You are trying to be there amongst the action hoping for 115kms take these fish are famous for. What an experience dorado in Bolivia is!


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