Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - September

Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - September

Home: Reservoir rainbows

September offers great trout fishing in the UK. The fish seem to sense that colder weather and spawning time are just around the corner, and often go on a voracious feeding spree. Whether you target the beautiful brown trout of the Wharfe or the big feisty, fry-feeding rainbows of Rutland water, September is THE month for a big, grown-on fish. By the way, don’t let anyone tell you that reservoir trout fishing is not worthy of your precious time: a big, grown-on rainbow off of the surface can be every bit as exciting as a salmon or wild brown trout.

Away: Steelhead in British Columbia & Alaska

Steelhead – sea-run rainbow trout – are a revered species in the Pacific northwest. September and October are regarded by most as the best months to catch them, as the schooling steelhead swarm back to the headwaters of river catchments in northern British Columbia. While the Kispiox, Bulkley, Sustut, Babine and a clutch of other celebrated tributaries of the vast Skeena drainage draw many anglers, the lesser known fisheries further west are well worth a look. Rivers like the stunningly beautiful Bell-Irving, Nass, Meziadin and Damdochax rivers offer remote solitude, and can provide astonishing fishing. My great friend Nick Zoll knows these systems well, and can advise exactly when and where to fish these fabulous wild rivers and streams.

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Matt Harris' Fly Fishing Year - September

Wild fish in wild country is perhaps the best way to describe the flyfishing in BC. The season starts with the wildest fish of them all, the mint-bright spring steelhead. Soon to follow are the King or Chinook salmon which can certainly break 90lbs and have been known to break 100lbs. If you try for these you will need 600+ yards of backing but oh what an experience! Soon the other pacific salmon come and after them the autumn steelhead begin to run and the famous rivers such as the Skeena, Nass, Bulkley, Kispiox, Sustut, Babine, Dean and Damdochax fill with steelhead causing many to make their pilgrimage to these stunning waters to try their luck. We know it all well so please feel welcome to seek our advice.


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