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How to make a Sloe Gin & Tonic

sloe_gin_and_tonicIn the first of a new five-part series in association with Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods, we give you a step-by-step guide to making a twist on an old classic – Sloe Gin & Tonic.

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Grouse shooting petition debated in parliament

driven_grouse_debateGrouse shooting held the high ground in parliament last night as MPs rallied against the petition – signed by more than 120,000 people and led by Mark Avery – to ban driven grouse shooting, and highlighted the sport's significance to upland biodiversity and rural communities.

The sole purpose of the debate was to consider the issues surrounding driven grouse shooting – it was not part of the parliamentary law-making process.

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Safe in transit

dog boxClose your eyes and imagine you're on a shoot day. You're shooting, and you have a dog with you.

The horn or whistle blows at the end of the drive, and on your command, your dog (we'll call him Sam) who has been sat marking each and every bird which folds to your gun, makes a beeline for a pheasant which has plunged into thick cover a hundred yards behind.

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Too tall an order?

high_pheasantShooting at birds that are far beyond one’s ability isn’t ethical, says George Padley. Yet some game Shots take on the challenge of extreme range pheasants without any preparation or, indeed, considering the ethics of doing so and the potential wider ramifications for our sport.

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