A close-up view

A close-up view

Opticron offer an overview of the latest addition to their travelscope family – the Opticron MMS 160 travelscope.

The MMS 160 image stabilised spotting scope is the latest addition to the Opticron travelscope family, and enables users to enjoy variable magnification and close-up views of wildlife and other objects at distance using a hand-held device.

High-magnification scopes typically require a tripod or other mounting system but with the MMS 160, tracking the movement of animals across fields or in woodland is a simple, unencumbered task.

The patented image stabilisation system incorporated into the MMS cancels out image shake or tremor caused by movement of the hands or body when viewing at magnifications of 10x and over. The results are a stable, clear and comfortable hand-held viewing experience with magnification up to 24x even when on the move.

At lower magnifications, the image stabilisation can be switched off allowing the instrument to be used for as long as you are out and about. The scope is intended to complement other optics such as binoculars or rifle scopes as it offers high magnification and allows fast, one-handed deployment which can be essential when on the move and tracking animals at distance.

Weighing less than 500g, the MMS 160 is compact and lightweight, so it can be easily carried in a jacket pocket or on a neckstrap for quick access. It is also IPX5 waterproof so can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

Fully protected by a tough rubber armour covering, the MMS 160 is supplied with an adjustable hand-strap and two CR2 batteries which provide up to 30 hours of continuous use. Optional accessories include a neoprene neckstrap and a belt-mountable carry case.

Uttings, one of the UK’s premier outdoor gear dealers and Opticron authorised dealer, is currently offering the MMS 160 with a free eyepiece for just £299.


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