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A selection of this week's entries – week 1

lecia hunterSo far in this year's Leica Fieldsports Photographer of the Year competition we have received some excellent entries. Here is a random selection, in no particular order, that we share some with you. 

If you have an incredible shooting, fishing, stalking, gundog or 'other' (hunting, falconry, safari etc.) images, enter them here: www.fieldsportsmagazine.com/leica-fieldsports-photographer

1) Corrine Stokes leica_corinne_stokes
2) Angela Waiteslecia_angela_waites
3) Darryl Paceleica_darryl_pace
4) John Bennett Evansleica_john_bennet_evans
5) Bryan Pyeleica_bryan_pye
6) Jo Shepherdleica_jo_shepherd
7) Adele Behlesleica_adele_behles
8) Richard Dawsonleica_richard_dawson
9) Byron Paceleica_byron_pace
10) John Ferrettleica_john_ferrett


Interview: June Laing

juneThere can be few who have shot with Eskdale Shooting Services in the Scottish Borders over the years, who haven’t noticed, or been impressed by, ‘the lady with the GSPs’. The lady in question is June Laing. We asked her a few questions…

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Pigeon shooting on rape fields

rape fieldsAfter cartridge conundrums, bonanza days on maize plots and some frustrating outings on oilseed rape, Rupert Godfrey enjoys a dream pigeon day on the green stuff.

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The rise of the AGA dog

Rise of the aga dog

Ben Randall considers the increasing demand for gundogs which double as family pets.

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Planning your gundog training

training2Well-laid plans yield greater results, says Ben Randall, who explains the merits of a more considered approach to gundog training.

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Latest features

How to build a pigeon hide

How to build a pigeon hide

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Killer fly – The Anato May

blue winged oliveMatt Harris sings the praises of a blue-winged olive imitation that, in his opinion, has no equal.

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