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  • Fieldsports April May issue
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Five reasons to buy our brand new issue

fieldsportsmagIn the April/May issue of Fieldsports, amongst the reams of game shooting, fly fishing, stalking, gundog, and food and drink content, we explore the special relationship between man and his quarry: the deep-seated connection which compels us to understand, protect, conserve and hunt the species which fascinate us so much...

Here are just five reasons why you really can't afford to miss it:

1. It's packed to the gunwales with fly fishing content

Including... The story of the UK's record salmon catch to a single rod; great sport in rural Essex; killer flies; a record-breaking fly-caught halibut; the world's best salmon pools; and the importance of understanding the reasons behind the Atlantic salmon's decline.

2. We take you to new places...

Including... The Arbury Hall shoot in Warwickshire; the new home of Longthorne gunmakers; wild Irish terrain in pursuit of sika deer; a salmon conservation project on the River Dee; The Punchbowl in Mayfair; a Mecca for trout fishermen; a north Norfolk neverland; and the very place where Jim Corbett famously killed man-eating leopards and tigers in India.

3. Invaluable advice and instruction

Including... How to raise a rock-steady gundog; five top tips to help you catch more trout; how to make your time at the clay ground relevant to game shooting; what we can learn from Purdey Award-winning shoots; the low-down on properly cleaning a shotgun after a day in the field; and a delicious way to use up any leftover game in the freezer.

4. Unmissable interviews

With... Orvis ambassador Marina Gibson; the Lincolnshire dog trainer whose picking-up team largely consists of rescued and rehomed gundogs; huntsman of the Quorn, Peter Collins; and seven-year-old Harry Brownlow, who is excited at the prospect of learning to shoot with his grandpa's .410.

5. Quarry species galore

Including... rainbow trout, brown trout, Atlantic salmon, halibut, pheasants, partridges, woodpigeons, sika deer, woodcock, snipe and more...

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