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Ladies in the field 2017 – Hiho Silver bracelet

hiho silver shotgun riderExclusive sterling silver & 18ct rose gold plated 12/20 bore shotgun rider on double leather strap from Hiho Silver – £85

More from Hiho Silver...

This stunning exclusive piece is part of Hiho’s shooting collection, a range that’s made up of shotgun jewellery, pheasant jewellery, cartridge jewellery and more.

This wrap is made using high quality leather that wraps twice around the wrist before being fastened with a buckle. It is adorned with a sterling silver cartridge slider that simply slips on. It has rose gold plated detail, too, and is available as 12 bore or 20 bore, to suit your preferred gun type.

As an extra feature, the slider can be removed and hung on a chain to make a gorgeous pendant. 

Hiho Silver is a country jewellery company based in rural Somerset. The team designs stunning pieces that are wearable everyday, excellent quality and made to last. Ideal for lady Guns and country lovers.



For more information about National Ladies' Shooting Day, visit shotgunandchelseabunclub.co.uk



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