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Ladies in the field 2018 – Alan Paine field jacket

alan paine coatsAlan Paine Combrook field jacket – RRP £314.95

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This super stylish waterproof field jacket is the perfect choice for both town and country ladies.

With its pure wool, water repellent outer and design that aims to provide the perfect shooting fit, this versatile jacket has all the functionality you’d expect from a shooting coat – and its elegant cut means it won’t look out of place worn on a trip into town. 

It has an array of useful pockets, an adjustable back belt, waterproof windbreaker cuffs, plus a single back vent to aid movement. 

Available in a choice of stunning classic and contemporary tweed colourways this jacket is an absolute must.


+44 (0)1623 415765

For more information about National Ladies' Shooting Day 2018, visit www.shotgunandchelseabunclub.co.uk



Copper-coated lead shot demystified

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Shooting the headmaster's hat

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The heelwork masterclass

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Gundogs: the seven sins

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Lisa Goodwin-Allen's roast pheasant and pearl barley casserole

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