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Live pigeon trap shooting – a history

live-pigeon-shootingWhen English gunmaking was booming, and the likes of Churchill, Holland & Holland, Purdey and Boss & Co. put their guns to the test in front of the public, a favourite destination was Monte Carlo, where live pigeon trap shooting contests offered seriously impressive prizes and celebrity status to the best Shots.

Live pigeon trap shooting was big, and before the sport was banned in the UK there were a number of clubs to rival those found overseas.

Indeed, the sport of live pigeon trap shooting has a fascinating history which has been brilliantly pieced together over two decades by live pigeon aficionado and Texan author Cyril S. Adams in a brand new and lavishly illustrated coffee table book, Live Pigeon Trap Shooting.

live-pigeon-shooting-gunsPublished by The Sporting Library, Live Pigeon Trap Shooting is the first book to be published on the subject since Captain Albert W. (Blue Rock) Money wrote Pigeon Shooting in 1896. It takes the reader around the world on an all-embracing sporting odyssey sure to appeal to any man or woman who ever raised a gun.

Without question the definitive work on the subject, through its 276 pages the passionate author embarks on a fascinating journey detailing the sport's history, equipment, prominent figures, rules and how it has influenced specific target shooting disciplines that are still widely practised today.

If you have any interest in sporting history, shotguns, Helice, trap shooting, or simply enjoy 'shooting flying', you will find this book to be as absorbing as it is comprehensive.


Order yours today from The Sporting Library



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