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The 2018 Lady’s Wood Challenge

ladys wood challengeThe qualifying period for the annual Lady’s Wood Challenge (sponsored by Hull Cartridge and Fieldsports Magazine) opens on May 1 and runs until July 27.

Entries are invited between Tuesday to Friday each week for £55. And, during the qualifying period, whoever has the highest score at the end of each fortnight will win a year’s subscription to Fieldsports.

The ‘Super Final’ will be held on Friday, August 3 at Lady’s Wood Shooting School, where finalists will compete for a peg on a 200-bird day at a private high-bird shoot in Gloucestershire.

To book your qualifying round please call 01454 294546 or visit www.ladyswood.co.uk



Scotland's top 20 pheasant shoots

scotlands top pheasant shootsThe very best driven pheasant shoots in Scotland, as nominated by the UK’s most respected game Shots, shooting instructors and loaders.

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What shot size for pigeons? 

shot_sizeAfter a short trial, Rupert Godfrey again concludes that No. 5s are best for woodies.

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The heelwork masterclass

heelwork masterclassIn the second part of a new series, Ben Randall offers his advice on how to train your dog to walk to heel.

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Gundogs: the seven sins

seven gundog sinsIt’s rare to make it through the shooting season without encountering at least a few poorly behaved gundogs, but some bad habits and issues crop up more than others. Ben Randall considers the most common problems and how to prevent or resolve them.

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Latest features

A grouse keeper's diary

Grouse KeeperA grouse keeper’s role on a shoot day is as multifaceted as the working hours are long. We speak to a headkeeper from a well-known moor in England who gives us the low-down on everything that goes on behind the scenes.

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Trout with pickled cucumber, spelt and herbs

Gill mellorAward-winning author, food writer and chef Gill Meller shares a simple but sublime summer trout salad. 

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