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The Fieldsports 2017 Bucket List

hawk, buffalo, partridges, tarponIs 2017 your year of trying something different? Or are you simply searching for new and exciting adventures with rod, rifle or gun in hand?

Well, here are 10 ideas – five from the UK, five from further afield – to help you start planning a memorable sporting year...

In the UK...

1. Hunting with goshawks

Watching a bird of prey chasing its quarry is an exhilarating spectacle. And few things can compare to the speed, the beauty and the deadly demeanour of a goshawk.


2. Beagling

Nothing allows you to be as close to the action when it comes to watching hounds work as a day out with the 'jelly dogs'. Their steady pace and intriguing hunting style allows an enthusiastic following of both young and old.


3. Highland sport with gun, rod & rifle

Scotland has so much to offer the country sports enthusiast – the diversity of sport on offer is sublime, particularly in the Highlands. Grouse, salmon, deer, trout, pheasant… the list is endless. Go explore!


4. Guided sea trout fishing in Wales

Welsh rivers are teeming with big sea trout, but that does not mean that you can catch them easily – especially in the dark. With the right guidance, though, you could just end up catching the fish of a lifetime...


5. Driven partridges at Molland

Molland has a revered reputation as being one of the best partridge shoots in Devon. And, as our editor found out, it is not one without basis. This Bettws Hall gem should be high on the list of places to shoot before you die.



1. Jungle tarpon

Tarpon deserve a place on every angler's bucket list. They can be caught in a number of places, but for the best experience we highly recommend jetting off to Nicaragua in Central America where the fish get so big that you have to join them in the water should you want a photo with them...


2. Balkan stags

Does the hunt of a lifetime surrounded by spectacular wildlife and scenery appeal to you? Then organise a stalking trip to Balkan, Bulgaria, an area often referred to as the Mecca for trophy red stags.


3. Partridges in Mallorca

Do you often find yourself suffering with the end of game shooting season blues? Then why not extend it this year with a trip to Mallorca, where the partridge season finishes on April 16?


4. The pigeons of San Luis

If you love pigeon shooting in the UK, then you should definitely go to San Luis in Argentina to shoot their spot-winged pigeons at least once in your lifetime.


5. Hunting a Cape buffalo

No sporting bucket list would be complete without a slice of Africa. And there are few places better to go for Cape buffalo than the Limpopo Province, where 'trophy hunting' is playing a major part in supporting wildlife conservation.






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Corry Cavell-Taylor

Corry Cavell-Taylor

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