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The World Gunmakers Evening 2018

gunmakersA unique evening to enjoy an array of the finest guns and rifles. Meet the experts, handle the guns and compare your favourites.

History, aesthetics, functionality, balance – many are the factors that turn a tool for effectively dispatching our quarry into something much more than that... Something that gets us truly excited.

In a fast-changing world where modern technology threatens to all but extinguish practices of old, the gunmaker's art offers solace; to achieve that combination of reliability, balance, manoeuvrability and beauty – all inherent qualities of fine sporting guns and rifles – we are still very much dependent on master craftsmen and women. And our sports are so much richer for it.

Barrel makers, stockers, actioners, engravers, finishers.... these are the guardians of the skills and knowledge which have been passed down over the course of many years. Not for the sake of tradition, but because the methods of old work.

The result: guns and rifles which handle beautifully and fascinate us visually, with a strong nod to the past and all those who have ventured forth with such 'tools' in pursuit of bird and beast before us. There is something undeniably sensual, evocative, nostalgic even, in using a shotgun or rifle that has been created by the hands of master craftsmen, and what better way to celebrate this than an event like The World Gunmakers' Evening

The World Gunmakers' Evening is a perfect opportunity to chat with the experts, learn more about the history of myriad gunmakers and gain a unique insight into the designs of many of the famous guns we know today. Indeed, there are few occasions where you can handle such a fine selection of guns that would usually be locked in glass cabinets. 

gunmakingThis year’s World Gunmakers Evening – the sixth instalment of the annual event since its inception in 2013 – sees some exciting new product launches and additions:

  • Purdey will unveil their newest shotgun, The Purdey Trigger Plate
  • Beretta plan to bring their newest over-under model, the SL3, to the evening – the first UK show that it has appeared at
  • Perazzi are launching a new 16 bore game gun on the evening
  • William Powell will also be launching a new gun
  • English gunmakers William Moore & Grey and Carl Russell will be exhibiting their new guns at the event for the first time
  • Bonhams and Ian Coley are also exhibiting at the event for the first time

Fieldsports Magazine will be exhibiting in the Craftsman's Room. Come and say hello to the team, take out or renew a subscription and pick up a copy of our Guide to Game Guns and Rifles bookazine.


Thursday 17th May 2018


The Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge, London

Tickets are £75 each, with only 400 available.

Includes entry, Champagne and canapés.

Call: +44 (0)207 491 1363 to book your tickets. 

GunsOnPegs Premium members enjoy over 25% off their ticket.



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