A week is never enough

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Scottish Sporting Gazette

With the car packed to the gunwales I set off on a week's roadtrip. It had been meticulously planned ? such was the anticipation I?d been harbouring for the months leading up to my departure. My itinerary looked intoxicating. And it was just that.?

Distilleries through Speyside. Stalking in utter seclusion while surrounded by roaring stags. Evenings spent under inky, star-studded skies. Accommodation that proved why Scotland's hotels are the envy of the world and trout dancing on the end of my line under the watch of an osprey.?

Whether you live in Scotland, or regularly cross the border from further afield, there is always more to be unearthed. A week of exploration is never enough.?

Certain aspects of the trip will feature in the magazine over coming issues; all, however, will be remembered and cherished. As always, Scotland never fails to inspire and impress.?

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