Don?t bin your waders!

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Recycling your tattered fishing kit? now there's a smart idea.

When, inevitably, your waders give up the ghost and become as effective as a colander, rather than tossing them into the bin ? never to see the river again ? why not have them recycled into fly wallets, reel cases and duffel bags? ?

Courtesy of a new venture, forefronted by Charlie Brownlow of FinhunterUK, this couldn't be simpler. Be they neoprene, Gore-Tex or nylon, the skilful touch of Sarah Plummer?dissects and reassembles the material into an assortment of practical fishing paraphernalia.?

But even if your waders are far from bursting at the seams, fear not - a backlog of others beyond repair from Diver Dave?ensure that production continues to flow.?

Charlie developed the idea of FinhunterUK in 2010, following a look at how fishing is perceived across the globe. Realising that the image in the UK was still one of tweed and wealth, he looked to foster a fresh innovation to encourage more people to take up the sport. The unorthodox recycling of waders into fun and useful products is just one of the ways he is hoping to do this - with a percentage of the profits being donated to the Wild Trout Trust.

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