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Scottish grey partridge conservation

grey partridge ringingConserving the grey partridge in the Kingdom of Fife, by Dr. Dave Parish, Senior Scientist for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Scotland.

Buying and selling guns at auction

holts auctioneersBuying and selling guns at an auction can seem daunting, but if you know how the process works it can be highly enjoyable. Selena Barr looks at what you need to know before placing a bid or consigning an heirloom.

Out and About

A life of service

Scottish Sporting Gazette

Four retired men who have dedicated their working lives to fieldsports.

Falconry - a winged assassin

falconry, falcon, bowhill, gyr, angus blackburn, grouse, fieldsports

An ancient sport that has lost none of its magic.


Tackling the Twelfth

Scottish Sporting Gazette

There's only one place to be on August 12th.

Grouse in the Grampians

tillard, grouse, grampians, shooting, fieldsports, scotland, angus

Oliver Tillard gets his first experience of grouse on an Angus moor.

Food and Drink

A guide to Scotch whisky

whisky, distillery, islay, robert graham, malt, scotland

Dougie Munro of Robert Graham Ltd with his guide to whisky.

Try at home: wild brown trout

Scottish Sporting Gazette

With crushed herb potatoes, baby spinach & b'arnaise sauce.

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