The Scottish Sporting Gazette 2017 - issue 38

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Scottish Sporting Gazette Winter 2017

Since 1980, The Scottish Sporting Gazette has celebrated the long and happy love affair that has existed between sportsmen and women from all corners of the UK, and Scotland's wild and beautiful landscapes.

The truth is, shooters, fishers and stalkers have long recognised that there is nowhere else in the UK that can hold a candle to the scale, variety and quality of sport on offer north of the border.

Scotland really is a country that gets under your skin. It is just a six-hour drive from one of the world's biggest and busiest cities, and yet there are large parts of it that time has forgotten – they are largely untouched and untarnished. Places that really do take your breath away and remind you that the trappings of the modern world will never be a substitute for one-on-one time with Mother Nature.

This, the 38th issue, is a celebration of all the above. It's all here – the unparalleled sport that this wonderful country has to offer, the unique landscapes and the wildlife that inhabit them, the heritage, history, culture and people. We urge you to get stuck in.

The Scottish Sporting Gazette is now published annually.

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