The Scottish Sporting Gazette - Winter 2015/16

Scottish Sporting Gazette Winter 2015The times they are a changing. The words of one-time Scotland resident, Bob Dylan could not be more appropriate in light of the current stirrings being felt on moorland and mountain.

It would be easy to suspect that politicians in their Holyrood lair are practically salivating at the prospect of feeding on Fieldsports, blissfully unaware of the potential disasters they might incur. For such is the weakness of their argument, they spectacularly fail to recognise the farreaching benefits delivered by those who run both high and low ground shoots - to wildlife, rural economies, communities, small village schools, tradesmen, garages, hotels - the list goes on. At no cost to the tax payer.

On page 18, land agent Mark Osborne paints a very clear picture of the situation we find ourselves in. But, also draws attention to the Gift of Grouse initiative. I urge all readers to turn to the page in question and get involved.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in this issue (page 54, to be precise!), Michael Wigan looks at the ban on salmon netting, how it came about and how successful it might be in halting the slide in salmon numbers. And let's not forget Land Reform - is Nicola Sturgeon listening? (page 16). Read also the thoughts of Niall Rowantree (page 92).

There is much to be enjoyed in Scotland, as the contents of this issue of the Scottish Sporting Gazette will verify. We have roebuck stalking in the Borders (page 50), fishing on the Tweed (page 70), West Coast pheasants (page 10), gundogs (page 34, 40 & 102), and a new shooting club and ground (pages 62 and 64).

The sport in all its guises would appear to be in very good shape. Demand is strong, but we mustn't be deluded and remain ever-conscious of the threat which hangs over us.

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