Three incredible wildlife spectacles

One of Scotland's primary allures is its diversity of wildlife, and the amazing rituals and behavioural traits that go?with this. From gannets smashing into the roiling seas off St. Kilda, the piercing whistle of sika within the conifers, to golden eagles circling craggy hilltops and otters fishing in the estuaries. Even perennial visitors are taken aback by the magical array of fauna. Everyday on the river or the hill offers the opportunity to see something new. With this in mind, here are 3 of the finest spectacles that unravel in the Scottish wilds?

(Click on pictures for videos)

1. Reg stags rutting

Scottish Sporting Gazette

2. Golden eagles hunting mountain hares

Scottish Sporting Gazette

3. Capercaillie lekking

Scottish Sporting Gazette

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