Tackling the Twelfth

There's only one place to be on August 12th.

A regular on the Scottish moors on the Glorious Twelfth is auctioneer Nick Holt, who wouldn't miss the experience for anything (well, within reason, of course!).

"It's the only place to be," he says. "Especially here in the Lammermuirs, where the heather is in full bloom. There are plenty of grouse and the walking is nothing like as sapping as further north - it's a joy just to be here."

He is joined on a stormy day at Horseupcleugh by three good friends, two from overseas, who, like Nick, enjoy the occasion of the Twelfth. Some people can be a little snooty about walking-up, but Nick will quite rightly point out that he doesn't want to be shooting driven grouse in mid- August when many of the birds are yet to mature. He also loves seeing dogs work and enjoys the hunting aspect of walking-up.

"The birds are unpredictable and added to the fact that underneath that lovely purple heather, the ground can be as challenging as the shooting. It is also exhausting - but all the better for it." The hotel bar is a lot quieter in the evening following the day's exertions, compared to the night before.

An exhilarating day's walking-up is full of the stuff from which memories are made.

Bag: 15 brace

Photography: Tweed Media

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