Shooting Instruction

High, wide and impossible?

Impossibly high?

 We all want to be presented with high pheasants, but are we really up to them? Rupert Godfrey is concerned that some Guns are not showing sufficient respect for their quarry.

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Judging range - with Simon Ward

Judging distance is crucialMastering the art of judging range, line and speed is vital to good shooting. To practice the accurate judging of range will be of great benefit whether you are shooting sporting clays, woodpigeons, or game in season.

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It's all in the feet

High pheasants - but which style is most effective?Chris Batha looks at the two main styles taught by modern shooting schools for taking really high pheasants, and asks the question: which one is more effective?

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What's in a choke?

Richard RawlingsonRichard Rawlingson believes that we should all have enough knowledge to make an informed choice when it comes to shot size, loads and choke. Respect for our quarry demands it.

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How to shoot grouse - with Simon Ward

Covey of grouseDriven grouse shooting is unique and unlike all other forms of game shooting. The secret is to use a controlled yet aggressive style, shooting instinctively and trusting yourself to pull the trigger on first aim without hesitation.

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