How to make Bramble Whisky


50cl blended Scotch whisky

500g wild brambles (blackberries)

450g sugar (granulated or caster)


1. Wash the berries with cold water.

2. Add the berries, the sugar and the whisky into a large sterile and sealable jar. Split the ingredients equally into several if you only have small jars/bottles.

3. Seal the jars and shake well every day for 2–4 weeks or until all the sugar has dissolved into the mix.

4. Leave the mixture to macerate for the desired length of time – some people prefer to leave their bramble whisky just a few weeks, whilst others won't touch theirs until it's at least a year old.

5. Strain the mixture through coffee filter paper or muslin cloth, then bottle, seal and serve when needed.


This recipe is only a guideline, and many people have different preferences. Why not add a few other spices to mix things up, or different types and amounts of sugars? Separate the contents into smaller jars and note what the ingredients are. If you find a favourite you can copy it the following year.

Taste a couple of the brambles before mixing and adjust your sugar measurements accordingly – some years the fruit will be noticeably sweeter than in others.

If the neat mix is too strong for your liking, fresh apple juice can be added as a perfect mixer.

Don't throw away the alcohol-infused fruit! It can be used in jams, chutneys, cakes, crumbles, cocktails and other infusions.

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